Online Training for Resilience and Wellbeing

Three levels of online resilience training - a free introductory course, a video-based course and a more in-depth Resilience Practitioner Training

What is Resilience?

Resilience is our ability to withstand, deal with and/or recover from difficult situations. It includes our ability to cope with stress, make the best of things and rise to the occasion. Resilience training has been shown to help reduce the risk of depression, anxiety and stress-related harm, while also strengthening people’s coping capacity when facing adversity. The multiple and complex challenges brought by Covid19, on top of those already present, brings a need to make resilience skills and practices more widely available.

What is

This online resource is a project of, and set up by leading resilience trainer Dr Chris Johnstone (author of Seven Ways to Build Resilience), who's been involved in teaching resilience skills for over thirty years. Based in the UK, Chris Johnstone trained in medicine and psychology, pioneering the role of resilience training in the UK health service, adult education and the workplace. He leads the three levels of resilience training offered here. Why not try our free course to get an introduction to the approach offered here - or sign up to one of our more in-depth trainings if you'd like to go further.

Dr Chris Johnstone

Dr Chris Johnstone is one of the UK’s leading resilience trainers, with over 30 years experience teaching in this field.

After a first degree specializing in psychology, he graduated in medicine with distinction in 1986. He trained as a GP, then moved into the mental health field.

For many years he ran a groupwork programme in the UK mental health service teaching resilience skills, while also pioneering resilience training in the workplace and in adult education.

His books include Active Hope (co-authored with Joanna Macy) and Seven Ways To Build Resilience. His online resilience trainings have attracted students from over 60 countries.

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